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By: Cedar Tubs Direct | October 01, 2018

With regular use, the hot tub spa pumps can work around five to ten years. If you’ve had your spa pump longer than five years and start to experience maintenance related problems frequently or major breakdowns, it’s highly recommended to consider replacement for your hot tub spa pumps.

Before going into detail, you should know the common symptoms of spa pumps. Some of them are discussed below:


Loose frames can cause water to escape while propelling through the spa pump. You should check the frames and o-rings regularly to make sure that they are perfectly tight and safe. Leak can be caused due to a faulty pump seal. Therefore, you should change the pump seal while replacing your pump to make sure a leak-free, tight fit.

Water pressure

If the water pressure is low, there may be obstructions that prevent the impeller from turning on. Check regularly and remove any debris to prevent jamming further.


If the bearings are worn, they can produce a humming sound and prevent the motor from operating perfectly. Check the bearings for corrosion or dirt and replace right away if they are worn.


Under regular conditions, you can keep your hand on a spa pump without getting burned. When the heat production increases and also the temperature, it can release unnecessary energy. Overheating can happen, when there is not enough clean air flowing through the motor. If this is the case, there may be an issue with the motor.

Inactive motor

If the motor isn’t working, check whether the power switch is on. If it is on and is still inactive, check for burnt out wires or a blown fuse. You should check all the connections including the copper bonding wire and the pump power cable for any damage signs.

If your spa pump has failed, you need to consider a few factors in order to buy a right replacement for your requirements:

Spa pump voltage – First, understand whether the existing spa pump you have a 110-120VAC or 220-240VAC pump.

Amps – You shouldn’t get confused by the terms like HPR that overstates the true horsepower. If you’ve doubts, you should make the match to the Amps ratings present on the motor label. To double the flow, you require increasing the horse power by eight times. So, a small change in horsepower either up or down will have a little impact on flow.

Speed – Does your spa pump operate at 2 speed or a single speed? Usually, spa pumps that are available on the market are mostly 2 speed; but can be used as one speed by using the high speed terminal.

Connection arrangement – All of the hot tub spa pumps are center suction and side discharge pumps. Most of them are designed to utilize 2” unions; but a few have 1-1/2” unions like the circulation pumps.

Final consideration –

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